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Equestrian Stables and Buildings

Are you looking for high-quality wooden stables in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas? We are a stable manufacturer based near Thirsk, North Yorkshire and we pride ourselves in delivering well-constructed stables assembled on site.

We understand how precious your horses are. That’s why our top-quality timber stables will provide secure and reliable housing for your horse.

We provide a complete service from start to finish with all base works and concreting undertaken by our highly experienced team. In most cases, stable yards and roads are often required at the same time as the construction of the stables themselves, so we have become highly skilled in the construction of all equestrian buildings.  As we have extensive experience in Civil Engineering, we can provide a range of surfaces from block paving to concreting

All timber stables are made from the best materials in our own workshop to ensure that quality is of the highest standard.  Any size stable or building can be catered for, whether it be a standard size or a bespoke unit. Each building is manufactured to your specific design.

Most stables and buildings e.g. field shelters can be fitted with a conversion kit to allow them to be towed to different locations to increase flexibility.  We also supply stables in ‘flat pack’ form for self- erection. See our DIY stables page for more information.




We use square line 100 mm high capacity black guttering in all our horse stables to all for efficient drainage. The guttering is fitted to the front of the stables as standard but can be fitted to the rear as an optional extra.



A window is fitted as standard with a stop opener to stables. In cases where a window cannot be fitted to the front of the stable, a skylight will be fitted instead. All our windows are glazed with 4mm acrylic which is 8 times stronger than glass and is not as sharp if broken. We can install window bars as an optional extra.



All our wooden stables are green pressure treated, meaning you get a lifetime preservation guarantee for the timber, which means there is only minimal maintenance over its lifetime An alternative stain preservative is available if you would prefer a specific colour. This preservative can be used on its own or in addition to the pressure treatment.


Stable Sizes

The standard size of our timber stables is 2.4m to the eaves with a 17.5-degree roof pitch and 3.2m to the ridge. This is on top of the single course of engineers bricks your stables will be erected on. The overhang (soffit) is 1.2m as standard and you have the choice of boarded or a slatted soffit.



We use many different types of cladding, including Shiplap or Tongue and Groove cladding. All our cladding is pressure treated to ensure long life and high quality. They are fixed with 50mm galvanised ring nails.



The standard sized frame is a 50mm x 75mm (finished thickness 45mm x 70mm) which is regularised, and pressure treated for a long life. A 100mm x 50mm (finished thickness 95mm x 45mm) frame can be used upon request.



Our stables use standard kickboards to a height of 1.2 meters, OSB (Oriented Strand Board) or a high-quality hardwood ply 12mm board. Kickboards to the height of 2.4 meters are available upon request.



Our standard equestrian buildings have black Onduline or Coroline roofs with matching ridges. Green, brown and red sheets are also available. However, we can supply any roof upon request so just let us know.



Our bottom stable doors are manufactured from  50mm x 150mm (finished thickness 45mm x 145mm) and 25mm x 150mm (finished thickness 22mm x 145 mm) tongue and groove boards. Each door is lined with a 12 mm OSB or hardwood ply finish.

Each bottom door is furnished with heavy duty hinges, heavy duty pad bolt, and a heavy-duty kick over latch. Every door comes with an anti-chew strip fitted to the top of the bottom door.

Top doors use heavy hinges and a galvanised pad bolt to secure your horse.

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