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Plan your own Stables

We also supply standard stables in flat pack form for you to erect yourself.  Below are the prices for the spec, different optional extras and delivery.  There is also the option for us to erect them for you.  If you have a different design or spec in mind then please feel free to get in touch and we can talk through the options with you.


3x2″ frame (45mm x 70mm) frame

15mm exterior tongue & groove boards or shiplap Redwood.

Green pressure treated, with black Onduline/coroline roof sheets

Roof overhang (soffit) 1.2m

Internally ply lined four feet high (1.20 metres)

Bottom stable doors with chew strips, pad bolts and kick over latch.

10 x 12 Stable £1100* Additional Stable £1050*
12 x 12 Stable £1200* Additional Stable £1100*
14 x 12 Stable £1300* Additional Stable £1200*
Steel skids for mobile stables £250*
12 x 10 £950*
14 x 10 £1000*
16 x 10 £1050*
12 x 12 £1000*
12 x 14 £1050*
12 x 16 £1100*
Any size available on request, please call for a price.
Bottom stable doors £100*
3ft x 7ft £120*
4ft x 7ft £150*
Any size available.
Running/sliding gear £15* per ft or £50* per metre
Fully lined to the eaves (8ft) 2.4 metres £120* per stable
Cement fiber roofing sheets instead of Onduline £120* per stable
21mm Exterior boards instead of 15mm £120* per stable
Lined roof for extra insulation £120* per stable
Talk grills £50* each
Top Doors £50*
Gutters £50* front £50* rear
Skylights £20* each
Ground Spikes (to fasten mobile stables down) £45*

Delivery Charges

Band A £50
Band B £100
Band C £150
Band D £200
Band E £250
Band F £300

Erection Charges

Field Shelter £150
Each Stable £200
*All prices are subject to VAT